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 About Us

Feddesk.com is dedicated to helping Federal Employees - and their families - every day! We do this by constantly building our database of FREE handbooks, guides, special reports and other FREE federal publications written just for Federal Employees - like you!

Since 2002, over 10 Million FREE copies of our federal guides have been downloaded from our website. Clearly, there's a need for what our small, dedicated staff has been doing. We help federal employees every day!

Contact Us

Feddesk has it's headquarters located in Alexandria, Virginia, just 20 minutes outside of Washington D.C. Our staff members are well seasoned, veteran federal and military experts with extensive contacts throughout the federal and military communities.

1602 Belleview Blvd., Suite 460
Alexandria, VA 22307

To contact Feddesk with questions or comments, just email us!

John D. Whitney (jwhitney@feddesk.com)
Editorial Department (office@feddesk.com)
Main Office (office@feddesk.com)

Senior Staff

John D. Whitney, President

Mr. Whitney has over 25 years experience in the federal, military and financial publishing industries. He has held senior level positions at the Financial Times, the Economist, National Institute of Business Management, Nature Publishing, MilitaryReport Group and Grantham University. During his career, Mr. Whitney founded and launched eleven websites for the federal, military and business communities and has authored dozens of books and guides. Mr. Whitney received his undergraduate degree at St. John's University.