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2017 Federal Benefits Guide (145 pages)

The 2017 Federal Benefits Guide is comprehensive guide, written for active federal employees, that covers everything you need to know about your federal pay and benefits, such as the different pay schedules, base and locality pay, overtime pay, compensatory time off, relocation and retention bonuses, performance awards, holidays, all the various leave benefits, the federal student loan repayment program, employee assistance programs, temporary, term, career and career-conditional appointments, probationary period, performance appraisals, transferring to other federal jobs, reinstatement rights, reductions in force (RIF) rules, and more!

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2017 Federal Retirement Guide (122 pages)

The 2017 Federal Retirement Guide is a highly detailed guide that gives you the ins-and-outs of your federal retirement, including all the latest federal changes, COLAs, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Liability Insurance, Family Benefits, Survivor Benefits, Social Security, Medicare, Thrift Saving Plan, Federal Employees Retirement System, Civil Service Retirement System, and Retirement Resources, financial planning, retirement planning, applying for retirement, new retirees, benefits adjustments, death benefits, leaving early, and more!

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2017 Consumer Assistance Guide (79 pages)

The 2017 Consumer Assistance Guide is designed to help you, the American consumer, spot scams and better protect yourself against fraud. It also gives you suggestions for resolving consumer complaints. It is divided into three sections: Be a Smart Consumer, Filing a Complaint and Key Consumer Information Resources. The guide helps you with: banking,credit, education, employment, housing, insurance, protecting your identity, travel, wills and funerals, and more!

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2017 Prevent Bullying Guide (35 pages)

The 2017 Prevent Bullying Guide helps you and your family with a very serious problem confronting us today: Bullying. Bullying is clearly not a new problem, but it is a very serious one. This comprehensive guide helps you recognize the signs of bullying, understand how to prevent it, and shows you how to discuss the issue with your children, grandchildren and family members. The guide covers: children who are bullied, children who bully others, why adults should care about bullying, best practices in bullying prevention, what can students do to stop bullying, cyber-bullying, myths about bullying, and more!

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2017 College Funding Guide (70 pages)

A college degree has become the essential tool to unlock doors for future success. This guide contains all the latest information about getting a college degree, including types of higher education, resources for finding the right college, entrance exams, financial aid resources, paying for college, applying for federal student aid, Direct and Federal Family Education Loans, PLUS Loans, Consolidation loans, Federal Work-Study Program, U.S. Armed Forces and ROTC, and more!

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2017 Long-Term Care Insurance Guide (37 pages)

Inside the 2017 Long-Term Care (LTC) Guide. you'll find everything you've ever wanted to know about LTC coverage, including an explanation of how LTC coverage really works, the costs and payment options, benefits, tax issues, options other than LTC coverage, things you should consider before choosing a policy, and how the Federal Long-Term care Insurance Program really works, and more!

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2017 Health Insurance Guide (114 pages)

The 2017 Federal Health Benefits Guide contains all the latest information about the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program. It has everything you need to know about eligibility, enrollment, finding a plan, coordinating benefits, cost, leave without pay, termination, conversion and temporary continuation of coverage, annuitants and compensationers, military service, family members, former spouses, and health care flexibility spending accounts and more!

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2017 New Federal Employee Guide (147 pages)

Starting any new job can cause a great deal of apprehension. But starting as a new Federal Employee, adds a great deal more to the mix. There are a host of decisions that you will need to make, an this unique guide will help you. 2017 New Federal Employee Guide covers, pay, leave, alternate work schedules, employee assistance programs, awards, reinstatement, restoration, transfers, benefits, coverage, and a host of other topics that every new Federal Employee need to know!

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2017 Senior Executive Service Guide (27 pages)

The 2017 SES Qualifications Guide covers everything you need to know about the Senior Executive Service (SES). The guide covers: managing executive resources, Executive Resources Allocations, Establishing SES Positions, Senior Level Positions, Scientific/Professional Positions, Staffing, Core Qualifications, Review Boards, SES Appointments, SES Career Reassignments and Transfers, Performance Management, Awards, Removals for Poor Performance, Recertification, Continuing Learning, Reduction in Force, Fallback Rights, Adverse Actions, and more!

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